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Wondered what Roguelikes are good that you may not have heard of?
Published on April 10, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc Games

    Welcome to a politics free rant. On games. Obscure roguelike games.

    Starting from the start. Temple of the Roguelike is a great place to find roguelike games. Here's a URL.

Temple of the Roguelike

    Guild: Guild is a party-based roguelike where you control four players. Pretty decent, though I'm only good with one character.


    Powder: Powder is an excellent roguelike for multiple platforms, though there are better, its multi-platform support earns it a fairly high status in my book.


    GearHead: GearHead is far enough off kilter to earn it an obscure title. You won't find it on Wikipedia, either. It's a sci-fi mecha roguelike. I'm an sysop on the wiki. You can find more info from there.

GH Wiki

    Incursion: Incursion is an awesome d20 roguelike. Try it.


    Most of the Slashie.Net roguelikes: While relatively well known, most people probably don't know about them. They're mostly based off of other video games.


    Yep, that pretty much winds it up. One bonus, though I sincerely doubt anyone really likes it: Omega! Omega's actually pretty awesome, but it lacks a lot of modern conventions making it pretty hard to play.

Omega (Windows)

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