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A nostalgia-driven review.
Published on April 19, 2008 By erathoniel In PC Gaming

    Total Annihilation was one of my first games, and remains, to this day, one of my favorites. It is pure concentrated awesome science fiction joy. Take lots of robots, have them blow each other up, and watch the chaos. Or control them. Those were the best years, before we worried about 3d and whatnot, we had Total Annihilation. The awesomest game ever. I hereby give it my best game ever award (7 @'s). TA:Spring is a project to remake Total Annihilation into true three dimensions, and it includes lots of neat features (and free license content packs, for you who heathens don't own in even one, much less excess of eight copies), such as individual unit control. Try it today.

    Or my ARM commander will kick your Core Krogoth's butt across the battlefield with his D-Gun.

TA Spring

TA Spring Screenshot

Total Annihilation

TA Screenshot

TA Coverart

For all you skeptics, here's more evidence to my best game ever claim.

List of awards recieved by Total Annihilation

I also declare September 30th Annihilation Day, an international holiday.

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on Apr 25, 2008

Yeah, drdeath is a cheat featured in multiple Chris Taylor games. The one that comes to mind other than TA right now is Dungeon Siege.

on Apr 28, 2008
Actually, it's commonly considered copyright violation to play XTA or BA or certain other mods without owning the original TA.

maybe , but I doubt anyone cares.

My point really is that there have been rumors that you need files from the original TA inorder to play Spring but infact you dont need anything from TA to play Spring.

on Apr 28, 2008

No, you don't, but TA is still copyrighted, and not really abandonware.

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