Listen to Erathoniel ranting on and on in good ol' conservative Christian fashion.
Yep, death theology.
Published on April 19, 2008 By erathoniel In Religion

    I believe that death is a step into the perfect unknown. I also believe that death is not something to be taken into one's own hands. Death is simply a stepping block between Earth and the Final Destination (Heaven for the followers of Jesus Christ, and Hell for every one else, and some who profess falsely to believe in Jesus Christ). I believe that death is something ordained by God to happen at a specific time and date in a specific manner. Therefore I do not fear death, nor do I long for it, as it is a reunion with my Heavenly Father, but also the end of my ability to save others.

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on Apr 21, 2008
Question, what about if the earth gets struck by an asteriod or comet as it has many times in the past? All life on earth will end, no one let to worship... so what was accomplished?

Oh my, I'm sure God never thought of that at all! He better check for asteroids right now!


If PEOPLE can realize there is a danger of something happening, God can too. And He wouldn't let something so small as an asteroid ruin his plans. He wouldn't let anything ruin His plans.
on Apr 21, 2008
fellowship with the Creator.

There we go with that 'fellowship' word again, which cheapens your god into a lonely, egotistical loser.

You've got to have something else up your sleeves, mainstream Christians. You're just not convincing me as to why this god you believe in is so great.
on Apr 21, 2008
I think KFC hit it best, SanCho. God isn't so much interested in us loving Him as much as He is interested in showing His love to us. That's why He's great, because his heart is a heart of love.

And if you don't think that's great, then there's nothing that will convince you.
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