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I review a game demo, out of sheer boredom.
Published on July 26, 2008 By erathoniel In XBOX

  Too Human is a science-fiction action RPG coming out in August, set in an alternate history with Norse mythological overtones. Basically, the "gods" of the Norse pantheon are super-soldiers, waging a war against a robot horde. Over time, robots became "monsters", and you are fighting for the last hope of humanity.

  The game takes place in a realistic setting, and in the demo level you see a mixture of clean utopia and ruins. Good graphics, nice feel, looks nice together. Also, you're given a peek at cyberspace, with a wonderful nature setting that looks more realistic than most (if you can get past the obviously physically impossible parts).

  Gameplay takes place in a battlefield, with your men providing cover, and a fair variety of robots. It's fast and flowing, with melee attacks and ranged attacks that allow you to engage a foe from a range, or up close. I really liked the grenade launcher, but that's just personal preference. The weapon selections are versatile, with rifles, pistols, hammers, swords, claymores, and spears.

  Too Human is a game you have to play to really enjoy, but let's just say it's a very good looking, easy playing game. My only fear is that the RPG elements might take the background to the action elements, turning it into a game much like the Lord of the Rings movie-based action games, albeit with more depth, but it's still good. Baldur, the main character, looks awesome, and you can customize individual pieces of armor and choose from a decent array of weaponry, with a skill point path to allow customization.

  I'm gonna pick it up the first day it's in stores.

on Jul 27, 2008
Ahhh....where can the trailer be found??? it would be nice to know of a link where the trailer can be viewed.
on Jul 27, 2008

In article link now, just for you. The trailer actually has some very good gameplay representations, with the fighting and the pistols and whatnot.

on Jul 28, 2008
I just tried this demo yesterday but I wasn't too impressed. Maybe my standards are a bit too high though since I got Mass Effect as my first 360 game last week
on Jul 28, 2008

Never played Mass Effect, and it's too old for me to buy until it goes on mega-low-price-sale. I don't like M rated games, but I'm not too adherent to that any more.

on Jul 28, 2008
To say the least, the character modeling in ME puts TH to shame.