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Wonder would make the ultimate game? Check here for eighteen rules!
Published on April 8, 2008 By erathoniel In Gaming

    You all know, if you've read my stuff before, that I have big ideals on what I want in a game. Not many games make it past me. You can now read onward, or die trying. Or do something else, I won't stop you.

    First, the ultimate game would have to play in multiple styles. It must be at least playable from FPS and/or TPS perspectives, with one other perspective, such as an RTS or Hack and Slash style. This would allow fans of more genres to play the game, and the different perspectives can be used to bypass the weaknesses of the individual styles such that anyone could play it in their desired format and get all out of the game, but play it in another style to enjoy it from a different perspective, have a different experience, and have a different user interface and the ability to execute more/different commands.

    Second, the ultimate game would have to be platform portable. It wouldn't have to run on every platform, just most major PC OS's and it would need scalable system requirements (20 polygons to 20,000 per model, adjusted in options), to allow the largest player base with the fewest hassles. It would have to rely on low cosmetic physics to allow the more advanced users to polish their graphics, but low end users to be capable of playing with a smooth framerate. It could also use different modules to accheive this, but they would have to be interconnected, and would have to work together.

    Third, its content would have to be T or the highest unrestricted content level. Additional content could be unlocked later through a verification process. It would also have to have next-gen privacy settings, such as VoIP voice distortion and more. It would need to be playable by all audiences, with no reason to turn the game down for content or potential safety risks. Content could only be transfered in-game with a pre-verification process beforehand.

    Fourth, it must have multiplayer and singleplayer, and they must be interweaving. There must be full-featured cooperative play through the campaign and there must be AI to allow practice in singleplayer. The AI must be capable of middle-difficulty (no aimbotting, no ultra-cheap coding work) play, to allow actual practice. The multiplayer must have many modes, as well as a mode editor, to allow custom sports.

    Fifth, it must have an optional persistent overworld to the galaxy it takes place in, allowing players to find games based on location in the game world, or the real world (which would be optional, for security reasons). It must not charge for these additional features beyond hosting special rooms and areas, which must make up no more than 25% of the world, in addition to a purchase price.

    Sixth, it must have no monthly fees. Also, there must be no cash-shops, to allow players to buy in-game items with out-of-game currency, unless the items are purely cosmetic. It must also not make use of an excessive purchase price.

    Seventh, it must have competition-optional modes to prevent people looking for a good time from getting harassed by players who play only for their top scores.

    Eight, it must have a persistent character system to allow players to make the most of their time playing, and to allow skill matching, though skill matching must be optional unless it allows veterans to take advantage of new platers.

    Ninth, it must provide an enjoyable experience, have a deep and developed backworld, and allow selection of association.

    Tenth, it must only have advertisements if they are the primary support for the game. Any microtransactions must be transferrable ingame.

    Eleventh, it must not be re-released each year with a different packaging and polish, and it must recieve free content over time, although commercial content in addition is permissible, assuming that the players who purchase the additional commercial content do not recieve an unfair advantage, but are not ripped off (high-quality graphics, more areas).

    Twelth, it must have good community-developer interaction, and there must be in-depth installation help, as well as technical support, and they must be free, or near-free.

    Thirteenth, it must have a trial version or other enticement package other than advertising to attract players, and it must be playable to an enjoyable extent or interwoven into the main game, with limited areas, game-modes, level caps, but not to the point where the trial players cannot compete.

    Fourteenth, it must be easy to play, with an intuitive UI, and it must be capable of recording demos and also must allow easy modifications.

    Fifteenth, it must be fun to play, with a policed community, actual punishments for crimes commited against equivalent values of real-world property, and a way to escape harassing players.

    Sixteenth, it must allow community support and additions, even if they hurt the sales value of the official content. It must also allow the community to blend their own aspects (items, weapons, maps, locations, NPC's) into the game, with an fair and honest comitee of content checkers.

    Seventeenth, it must be fair to play, with a diverse council of moderators to prevent any prejudices or other unfairness from taking place and detracting from play value.

    Eighteenth, it must not force players to play constantly to upkeep their in-game necessities. Equipment must not expire over time, and durability must be unrestrictive enough to keep a player from spending the majority of his in-game income to upkeep his equipment. It also must have a quick recharge time for infinite-use non-cooldown items, health, and energy when out of combat to allow for players with less time to play the game competitively.

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