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Published on April 8, 2008 By erathoniel In Religion

    Anyways, welcome to yet another torture session rant of mine. Today I will be rambling on and on and on again and again about theology, and more specific MY theological interpretations. I will be talking about a variety of topics, and will update occasionally.

    1. Kosher Law: Kosher law was made by God to help the Israelites grow strong. The reason for this is that foods commonly banned in Kosher law are actually unhealthy and require specific cooking guidelines. I like pork too much to observe Kosher, though, despite the fact that it's safer. I have celebrated Passover in traditional fashion, so I can say that Kosher food can be pretty good, though.

    2. Adultery: Adultery is always wrong for the pollution it pours into one's mind. This includes any form of lust, beyond such a simple thing as an innocent crush.

    3. Working for Salvation: You cannot work for salvation. I don't have the scriptures memorized, but the apostle Paul wrote (paraphrased) "All our works are dirt to God." Or something like that. Except that the word "dirt" hear means a word that is profane in English, if translated correctly from Greek. In the Old Testament, when it talks about our works being dirty rags, it is also an euphemism.

    4. Damning Sin: I do not believe that ther is such a thing as a damning sin. I believe that all humans are born damned and have to be saved by Jesus Christ (and Him alone, not through deeds or actions). I do not believe there is any formula other than surrender and praying for Him to help you back.

    5. Death: I do not really fear death, as it is merely the end of all things here on Earth, and a relocation to a better place (for me and other Christians). I will not go into Hell, as it is an uncomfortable topic. It's bad, you need salvation.

on Apr 08, 2008
I believe that all humans are born damned

Heh, such a bright outlook on life. I guess the reasonable question would be, what did I do?

And if it's the original sin thing, then all babies that die end up in hell...I mean, logically that would have to happen because they haven't had a chance to choose to believe in Christ.

on Apr 08, 2008

Actually, I do believe that if they die before they make a personal commitment, or have a chance to make a personal commitment, they get out of that part of the bargain. (From Jesus' statements about how one must enter with the faith of a child.)

Let me be known as a pessimist. I merely speak the rock hard truth.

I just noted that the preview shows my blurb on damning sin. Well, at least I believe in natural damnation, not damning sin.

on Apr 09, 2008
That's some good theology right there.
on Apr 09, 2008

Thank you. I do try.