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Yep, another blog on my theological opinions
Published on April 9, 2008 By erathoniel In Religion

    So beginneth another rant.

    Now, there's a hotbed of relgious debate on pen (though I use pencil) and paper gaming and whatnot. Here's my opinion on the matter. Is it clearly fiction?

   My opinion is that though many Pen and Paper games tend to stray towards the dark arts and the occult, and thus should be avoided, as long as it is clearly distinguishable from real life there is no problem. Yes, I have seen/heard the propaganda that Dungeons and Dragons leads to suicides, and real life witchcraft. I equate this on an equal level with Jack Thompson, who, despite having potential character, is not the center of this, and is a major nutcase. Kinda like me, except anti-videogame. I personally enjoy role-playing, despite my cheapness keeping me from buying anything related to it, limiting me to free systems and whatnot, as well as fiction for systems I know almost nothing about and pick up pieces of (Shadowrun, namely, is a little indulgence of mine, as I love Cyberpunk, but am too cheap to buy it).

   I would appreciate hearing other, especially theological, opinions on this matter. Not on my cheapness, but on my theological opinions.

Before you ask if I found the cartoon short "IM IN UR MANGER KILLING UR SAVIOR" irreverant, no I did not. It is linked to below.

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