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All you ever wanted to know about Frank Klepacki's latest epic soundtrack.
Published on April 11, 2008 By erathoniel In Music

    You can all see my review of Jonah 33 for my music rating system. Here we go!

    Universe at War is an epic RTS, and it has a similarly epic soundtrack by Frank Klepacki, the composer for the original RTS's Dune and Command and Conquer. The Universe at War three album collection is free.

Mellow: 8- Frank Klepacki's slow, relaxing parts in the music serve to push one onwards to destruction!

Deep: 9- The deep music in Frank Klepacki's score makes a very driving, intense feel.

Fast: 10- Frank Klepacki's music uses speed to its maximum advantage.

Slow: 10- Frank Klepacki's music uses slow moments to blend together all the aspects of a song.

Experimental: 8- Frank Klepacki's music is fairly mainstream as far as RTS music goes, but this soundtrack uses some of his unique aspects, such as a driving heavy guitar. He does well over an entire spectrum of music.

Quality 10- I can find nothing to hate in Frank Klepacki's music.

So there you have it. Link to download page and Frank Klepacki's website below.

Artist Website

Filefront Soundtrack Download

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