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Just how good is Tremulous, the hybrid Sci-Fi RPG RTS?
Published on April 11, 2008 By erathoniel In FPS

    Ok. I've been playing Tremulous online a couple days now (I like the PureTremulous server), and I decided to write a review of it. All categories are to a maximum of 5.

Action: @@@@@ Tremulous excells as an action FPS, even if the strategy slows it down a tad.

Strategy: @@@@@ Tremulous takes the traditional weapon/kit loadout and adds building buildings. Way cool.

Community: @@@@ Tremulous has a good community, and is easy for newbies. Occasional swearing, but not much.

Depth: @@@@@ Tremulous is easy to play, hard to master.

Overall: @@@@@ Tremulous is awesome.

    Comparison to Savage: Battle for Newerth. Tremulous runs smooth on my PC, Savage does not. Tremulous has less strategy, but feels more rewarding.

    I'd recommend Tremulous to anyone of the age 13 or higher, due to blood and occasional language.

    Tremulous can be played over a LAN or the internet, but has no bots for singleplayer.

    Link and screenshot below.


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