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Comes with a music review! (Wake Up by KJ-52)
Published on April 11, 2008 By erathoniel In Gadgets & Electronics

    I hate DRM. Seriously. There's nothing more unintelligent than making sure that your consumers have to buy something once for everything they use.

    DRM (or CRAP, as I prefer, but is less mainstream, look on YouTube, it's labled something like DRM is CRAP) prevents a user from putting his music, games, videos, or other files on all his devices as he would fairly use, and it's pretty ridiculous. It gets to the point of being a competitive brand loyalty machine. Seriously. Even more stupidly, quite a few types of DRM can be cracked. Music and video are always vulnerable. It is possible for me to rip all of my music and video using two tools which are not affiliated with piracy. The audio-recorder and video-recorder can be used independently or in conjunction to rip any files, so all DRM does is keep the minority of unskilled computer users from listening to their music as they please. Also, there are more piracy-oriented tools (such as myFairTunes, not an endorsement) that will cripple any DRM, and will continue to do so until privacy or DRM falls entirely.

    In other news, I am reviewing Wake Up by KJ-52. I'm not gonna use my normal point scale here, because it's so out of the target denomination for it. Wake Up is a mix of excellent heavy-metal, synth, and rap. Even I can tolerate sugar coated rap. It's Christian (based on the letters of Paul to the church of Corinth), and is very high quality. I'd grade it to recieve 100%.

Artist Website

The website's player includes Wake Up, so you can listen to it there.

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