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Published on April 14, 2008 By erathoniel In FPS

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is the second game in the Enemy Territory series. It takes place in a near-future Earth following an invasion by the half-man half-machine Strogg. The premise of the game is primarily an objective-based siege style game, where a defending team fights an attacking team. The gameplay is solid and proven, with balanced but different teams. For instance, the Strogg Technician gives both health and ammo to his teammates, while the Human Medic and Covert Ops take the same job. The Humans (GDF) have a traditional style of play, which will be familiar to any Battlefield player. The Strogg play more unconventionally, with a variety of units and more out-of-the-box strategy (namely their Icarus scout vehicle, which is basically a jet-pack). The Strogg have less health, but more unique specials as opposed to the Humans with more health and all around good stuff. The Humans have to reload at every 40 shots for assault rifle, ten for shotgun, while the Strogg overheat, with only 30 continuous shots for assault rifle, and seven for the shotgun. The total ammunition is the same, though.

All in all, ET:QW has a great feel, great gameplay, AI support, and is decent all-in-all. I'd recommend it any day to anyone who enjoys Battlefield or Star Wars Battlefront. It's only major draw-back is the total lack of any persistent statistics that affect gameplay ("Lemme keep those darn akimbo pistols!").

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