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The two most hated things in Tremulous.
Published on April 14, 2008 By erathoniel In Game Journals

    I was playing Tremulous tonight as Winsu on the PureTremulous server (my fave). I noticed two tactics. Jetty defending and bleeding.

    Jetty is basically a derogatory term for one who uses a jetpack (infinite flight time). Jettytards are people who use them on offense, it's a stronger derogatory term. However, people hate people who use them on defense. The Jet-Pack, however, is a direct counter to Dretch rushes and is very useful S2 and S3, when there needs to be a defender at the base, but only one person is available. It allows a player to stay out of harm's reach. Also, it is not infalliable, as some would suggest. It is possible to hit them to short their jetpack, then brutally maim them while they sit relatively defenseless. Also, Jet-Packs prohibit heavy armor, making them well balanced.

    Bleeding is a term for intentional half-TK'ing, where one player shoots another ({MG}SilverFox, this is directed to you) and is found mainly on the human team (though Dretch Punting can be considered bleeding at times). Bleeding does not kill, but is very annoying (The blaster does 5 damage, full-auto rifle 2/shot), especially considering a Dretch can kill a helmetless target with 96 HP. And the Tyrant can kill pretty much anyone within three shots. Bleeding is used as a retaliation for accidental, but dumb, actions. However, bleeding is very much against the rules on most servers. It basically boils down to weakening your team for the purpose of self. It is very annoying and can be fatal, at times, if your target has low health and is killed.

    Basically, don't rush on offense with Jettys, and don't bleed. Especially don't bleed Jettys on defense, it's the fairest way to use them. Remember, others have strategies, even if you don't agree with them. State your reasons, don't shoot them.

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