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Ever wanted a review of a really old game?
Published on April 17, 2008 By erathoniel In PC Gaming

    I've had Jedi Academy for years. I've played it for years. It's an awesome game. It generally recieves at least 2 play-throughs, one light, one dark (though, occasionally, a couple balanced ones) of the single player campaign. For anti-social people like me, it has bots to allow a single-player FPS arena experience.

    Jedi Academy is a great game, with a degree of customization (model, force powers), but, more importantly, lightsabers. The lightsaber gameplay feels just right, save for a lack of major motion sensing, which limits the player to only a few default melee attacks and a couple of combination attacks. The game plays like a TPS with the lightsaber, and FPS with any other weapon (though you can go into third person). All in all, the weapons range from conventional to exotic, and provide a nice play experience.

    Gimme your opinions, if you've played it. If not, buy it or find it on a download service (NOT PIRACY, like GameTap or Steam). There is a free demo.

on Apr 17, 2008

Yeah Academy was a great game. Grip level 3 for the win, you could throw people around with that.

on Apr 17, 2008

Lightning level 3 was pretty fun in the campaign.

on Apr 17, 2008
It was indeed a great game. It was great to duel your friends in lightsaber combats.

Also, in my opinion, I would like to add that the whole Dark Forces serie was a success:
- Dark Forces 1
- Dark Forces 2 (or Jedi Knight 1)
- Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith
- Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast
- Jedi Knight 3 - Jedi Academy

For those titles, combined with the X-Wing serie and SW Rebellion, LucasArts were on top of the art from my perspective. Now they slipped a lot
on Apr 17, 2008

I did like all the games. I especially liked Rogue Squadron for PC. It was one of my faves. The only one I played, IIRC, for several weeks after getting it. I should dig it out.

on Apr 17, 2008

Jedi Academy was certainly the best of the Jedi Knight series of games, and I'll also agree that the lighsaber combat in the game was terrific.

But by far my favorite Star Wars game for the PC was Knights of the Old Republic I. It had it all: Force powers galor, great combat, and an incredible story (especially if you chose toward the end to completely give over to the Dark Side; no game has actually brought me to tears before or since, when I was forced to cut down my "thief" companion who had been with me since the beginning of the game; okay, so I'm a dweeb). If you haven't played it, please do. KotOR II was also good, but suffered from a few potentially game-ending bugs that never got fixed, and the ending was raher anti-climactic.

But if you want to play either, I'd recommend doing it on an XP PC, since Vista has issues with the sound on those games unless you install some other very buggy software to "fix" it.

There are also some rumors floating around that the developer of that game, Bioware, might bring the KotOR universe to a MMORPG when Lucas ends its contract with Sony Online later this year or early next (Galaxies was a complete waste of time). But those rumors are unconfirmed.

on Apr 17, 2008

Jedi Academy was definitely light-years ahead of JK2 in terms of technology and gameplay, although I personally enjoyed the story in JK2 more, and by the end of JA, I was getting a bit tired of dealing with all of the Force-using enemies.

I'm really disappointed that LucasArts chose not to bring The Force Unleashed onto the PC, especially in light of the fact that it's coming to virtually every other platform. Maybe they'll pull a BioWare and tell us after it's been out for a while that they're releasing a PC port, but most console ports are crap.

on Apr 17, 2008

I should review KOTOR. The only problem is that I haven't got it installed, and I'd have to read through the plot again. I played it a couple years ago.