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    And now I continue the planned epic Tremulous tale. I'll start with the last paragraph of Part 1 (follow the article link), and move onto part 2.

    Alex made it to the greenhouse without any problems. The greenhouse was the weakest part of the human's base, and it was on the exterior, but there was no reason the aliens would attack. The walls were strong and only dretches could get in through the vents. Dretches were easy kills for the machinegun turrets, the guards were just to make sure nothing went wrong. Worst come to worst, he could rebuild any destroyed turrets.

    The greenhouse was relatively quiet today. It was the weekend, so most of the workers were cycled out, save for a skeleton crew. The aliens were less likely to attack, too, with less chance of finding an unarmed worker, since there were still as many guards. The aliens were getting smart like that, and Alex was sure it scared high command as much as anyone in the know. Strikes from both sides were getting increasingly frequent, and many people were setting out to establish alternate strongholds in case this one fell.

    Alex patroled for a while until his HUD popped up a large red blip. An alien, or multiple. It was big, probably a Tyrant or something else. Not a danger, it'd probably just be patrolling. Worthlessly besieging the humans, but patrolling. The aliens did their best to keep the humans contained. Sometimes Alex wondered late at night if the aliens could think, but that was a dangerous venture. Even if they could think, the aliens were decided on their course of action. Xenocide. The ultimate goal of both sides, to completely annihilate the other. The aliens sure had the benefit of surprise.

    Alex was pulled from his thinking by the blaring of an alarm.

    More Dretches? I'll take care of them. Just a matter of time... got one! Wait... what's it doing? Pain. My leg. I'm injured. What's going on? Did a Dretch get me? My HUD isn't showing any. I'll go to the medistation.

    Alex flew to the medistation and landed. The Dretches were dealt with. There were still many red blips, though, far too many. Alex decided the flame-thrower would be best for his next course of action. He found the offending open vent, and crouched down in front of it.

    Dretches. Here they come. Just five... four... three... now! I hope this thing has enough juice. There go maybe ten Dretches? It would be about ten. I'm gonna go reload. The tank on this thing is empty.

    He ran back to the armory, as guards with battlesuits and Lucifer cannons fortified the vent. An alarm went off. Alex took cover as the wall was physically breached by a Tyrant.

    Drek! A Tyrant in here? That means that the greenhouse is down.

    "The greenhouse has been breached. Fall back to the nearest bunker for evacuation as necessary. I repeat, the greenhouse has been breached. Get to a shelter. This is not a drill."

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