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I want some help on how I should write. I'll also answer any questions here.
Published on April 18, 2008 By erathoniel In Fiction Writing

I've got some questions on what makes the best reading experience for you.

  1. Should I keep the 1st/3rd person switching?
  2. Should I limit myself to only Tremulous stuff, or include some of my own brainstorms?
  3. Would you enjoy if I tried to draw something to give you rough sketches of the items not already in Tremulous?
  4. Should I keep a glossary of all my original additions if I make any?
  5. Should I make a sentient alien/plot twist to allow Alex to communicate with the aliens, or leave them dehumanized?
  6. Should I make any drawings, and if so, do they need to be high quality and artistic, or low quality but representative?
  7. Should Alex be alone or with other humans? What level of tech can he have? How much of a base should one human be able to make? Ten? Twenty?
  8. Should Alex have a base, or should he be wandering.
Here's some answers to potential questions.
  1. It will be potentially very long, but I do not guarantee it will end nor that it will not. It will be at least five chapters.
  2. The 1st/3rd person switching was intentional. It provides a feel more like playing/watching Tremulous and allows increased action.
  3. I do plan on putting in generic vehicles. I also plan on taking settings from the standard Tremulous maps.
  4. Transit is a level greatly inspiring chapters (three?) four and five, which means there will be a subway/train ride.
  5. Food is not necessary in the story. If I have to ret-con this in, I will.

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