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A review of a game I don't own (nor have I pirated it, bad, bad, evil children).
Published on April 19, 2008 By erathoniel In PC Gaming

    Now, I'm gonna start my review of Avernum 3. Avernum 3 is the third game in the Avernum/Exile co-series (Exile came before Avernum, Avernum's kinda like a remake of it), where the exiled Avernites go up from their cave-lands into the surface worlds of the Empire. Plot aside, it's an awesome game. Plot included, it's an awesome game you feel a need to play for hours at end. I've never beaten the trial version, so I've never bothered buying it (Why buy something you haven't beaten the demo for?). It's an awesome, turn-based party-based RPG set in a rich, fleshed out fantasy world. The world feels very much alive and the individual political groups (such as the Amana, if I recall the name correctly) add a nice feel of turbulence. The game world is outstandingly huge with plenty of small, hidden secret areas that can literally take away hours, if not days or months of your life with sickening ease.

    Four @'s, because it scares me with its addictiveness. Otherwise, it would get the rare and coveted 6 @'s, for its exceptional quality in graphics (simple, old-school), gameplay, and just plain awesome.

    Recommended to all but young children (addiction reasons). It has only a little blood, and virtually no language, and an occasional, hard-to-find suggestive theme (in the trial version).

    It takes itself seriously, but includes a bit of humor that may lead to insanity. It also makes frequent references to the occult and magical, though not in a believable real-world setting, and with little detail.

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