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Part Three of the sorta... kinda... potentially epic tale.
Published on April 19, 2008 By erathoniel In Fiction Writing

    You know how I write by now. Link to past article, open with first paragraph?

    "The greenhouse has been breached. Fall back to the nearest bunker for evacuation as necessary. I repeat, the greenhouse has been breached. Get to a shelter. This is not a drill."

    Alex ran for cover as the aliens began flooding in through the breach, hoping to outrun any of them. Luckily, he made it past the blast-doors just before they closed with a gigantic quake, guaranteeing him a fair time of safety. He pulled up his map on his HUD, and found the nearest shelter was the subway station about two kilometers away. He started off at a fair jog, but found his path obstructed.

    A cave in? I've never seen one of these here before. What could have caused it? I'll just climb over this rubble... blood? There's blood everywhere! What could have done this? The roof's open, I should get moving before the ailens get in.

    Alex climbed through the rubble and proceded to the shelter. He encountered a column of Dretches, though. They were searching for something.

    Dretches! They're not coming for me? Maybe they can't hear me or smell me, or however they usually find us. I'll try to get to another shelter. They won't kill me!

    Another quake struck the building, and the lights went off.

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