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This is... irregular...
Published on April 20, 2008 By erathoniel In Websites

    Irregular Webcomic is to me what coffee is to other people. It perks me up, I have it every morning.

    Irregular Webcomic is a collection of about five or so storylines (though more occur, there's about five active), and it is a wonderful LEGO and Photoshop blend that will spruce up your day. It's on the PG intellectual side. It shirks politics, but still makes plenty of nerd humor and puns. It's hobbit forming, I'll give it that (an example pun). It has science fiction, fantasy, Indiana Jones and Mythbusters character parodies, as well as Death, in his million trillion forms.

    Recommended for all ages, but generally an intellectual crowd will enjoy it more.

    You'll probably learn something if you don't have multiple college degrees, and you'll enjoy it no matter what.

on Apr 20, 2008
That's a much better review.
on Apr 20, 2008
I like that review! I now know how you feel about the comic itself, why you feel so strongly,and I have some insight as to what the content will both look and read like.
I wish you had done the same with the others. I might actually check this one out. Always up for a good read, even if there are alot of pictures.
on Apr 20, 2008

The problem is that I'm so bad at describing art styles. And I not only play games, I dabble in making them. I'll make one for JU, sometime, to show how bad I am.

on Apr 20, 2008
I've known David Morgan-Mar, the creator of IWC, for years, back when we both worked with Steve Jackson Games (he still might, I certainly do not). His sense of humor appeals well to most people, though his puns can sometimes be impenetrable to non-Aussies.
on Apr 20, 2008

Why does everyone know DMM? At the GH Forums everyone knows him!

I'm like the only active one there who doesn't know him! Or was, we got some new people.