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I review one of the best games of all time.
Published on April 20, 2008 By erathoniel In Gaming

    Beyond Good and Evil is an awesome game for multiple consoles (you can get it for PC on GameTap). Basically it's a science-fiction recent Zelda-esque adventure game that was a commercial flop but a commercial success.

    It's graphics, though cartoony, are artistic and stylized. The game is plenty deep, indeed, it can be crushingly deep. The only recommendation I have for a player is to save often, as one can get stuck where they just want to go back to where they were before and enjoy the wonderful world or stock up on more health items.

    The game is easy enough to play, and is a masterpiece. The combat system is simple, putting more of a focus on its excelent puzzle and logic style, as well as stealth (though you can fight, it's pretty hard). The music is unbelievably good (I'm listening to it now, it's freely available), and it's just the best game you will ever find.

    Play it or at least look it up. It's the best game in a long time. Six @'s is a rare, but worthy trophy for it.

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