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My Criteria for Reviewing Games
Published on April 20, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

    I review games on a modified five star system. There's a list of levels below. Mind you that the ratings are contextual, not based on game quality, but game quality in genre at launch and at present day.

1 @: One of the worst games you can find. A game has to be practically broken to get one @.

2 @'s: A pretty low quality game. A game doesn't have to be broken, just painfully sub-par. Or it could be the eighteenth puzzle game with the same gameplay, and only cosmetic modifications.

3 @'s: A fair game. The kind you'd find often. Groundbreaking games that failed critically, or games that just don't live up to their promises.

4 @'s: A good game. The kind you might actually buy. A good game with solid backbone, or a game that works and has innovative new features.

5 @'s: A great game. The kind you could play for hours, depending on length, without taking a break. A game that does everything right, and introduces new features or makes them feel new.

6 @'s: A masterpiece game. The kind that gets 30+ awards. The kind that if you wouldn't buy, you are a Philistine.

7 @'s: An epic game. The kind of game that gets 90+ awards, spawns remakes, and is generally sold in stores for at least two years, has a cult folllowing of 100,000+, and is just totally awesome. It must also be considered the best game on my list for five years to achieve this rating.

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