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I review my MP3 player
Published on April 25, 2008 By erathoniel In MP3 Players

Now, I have a Creative MuVo v100 1 gigabyte MP3 player. It consists of two parts, the USB storage/player component, and the battery dock. It uses one AAA battery, which lasts it in excess of ten hours (I wanna say twenty four, but I'm not 100% sure. It's long enough.) It also has a wonderful voice recorder, which uses .wav files, if I am correct. Don't use the voice recorder for too much, though. It will only really record voice, and will pick up background noise, though not too much. It comes with earbuds that are decent. It only plays MP3 files, so no OGG's are allowed. It's not a major loss, though, just re-encode the files.

All in all it gets a four-to-one perk/con ratio. It's only forty dollars, or so, has a microphone, runs for a long time on one battery, is light and compact (though not incredibly overly so), but will only really play .mp3 music. It may play other formats, but not OGG and m4a.

on Apr 25, 2008
Sounds like an okay player, but I don't think I'd ever buy one that can't be rockboxed ever again.

Rockbox FTW!