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I make the base rules for a Tremulous TCG.
Published on April 26, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

    Here's the base rules for a Trading Card Game based on Tremulous.

    You pretty much have the statistics, but I'll release cards over time to allow the game to be played.

==== Unit Stats ====

Health (Found by dividing an units in-game health by 5), is the measure of the unit's ability to take damage. Structures get double their in-game health for this purpose.

Damage: Take a base DPS for humans or attack damage for aliens, divide by ten, round to nearest one.


Range: The distance an attack is valid. Range should include an distance and arc.

Move: The ability of an card to move over an distance. Normal speed should be two inch, walking speed would be one inch. A card may move each turn, to determine closing around a hall. An object with no move is considered a structure.

Armor works the same for humans, with a percentile damage block. Only affects heavier attacks.

Credits/Evo Points: Points are earned by killing foes. The rate is 100 credits to one Evo point, due to the added ease of always knowing enemy positions. All equipment costs the same, except for helmets, which cost only 50 credits.

==== Stages ====

Deploy: During the deploy stage, structures in a player's hand may be built by constructors, and units may be played.

Equip/Evolve: During the equip/evolve stage, units may be upgraded using Credits or Evo Points from the player's stash. Humans must be within three inches of the Armory to equip.

Move; During the move stage, units may be moved.

Cover: During the cover stage, units may opt to take cover or climb a wall (aliens). This keeps them from attacking, but allows them to take cover from an directional arc or avoid an attack.

Attack Phase: An alien adjacent to a human or an human with an alien within range may take an attack to damage their opponent.

==== Card ====

Here's a sample card. Would be better, but I didn't open it up in GIMP to fix the shadowing and whatnot and just did it all in Inkscape. Print it out. 300 dpi, so it should be somewhat high-resolution. Sorry for its poor quality in everything. It's usable. Any really good artists would be welcome to help them.

Dretch Card (300 DPI)


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