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Please bring it back. It'd sell millions
Published on April 26, 2008 By erathoniel In PC Gaming

    Stellar Frontier is an awesome, if outdated, space-combat game by Stardock. This article is a humble request to bring it back. Try putting it on the XBox Live arcade and PSN and re-releasing it for PC with minor updates (just engine, not gameplay or graphics), and it'd do awesome in the market.

    So, Stardock, please bring back Stellar Frontier.

on Apr 27, 2008
It seems to be up for free download here:

So I'm not sure what they'd have to gain by re-releasing it and trying to sell it unless they do an entire overhaul to it and make a #2.

(It does look like fun though thanks for brining this up)
on Apr 27, 2008

Yeah, the only problem is that Stardock's main server is down, there's no support for more modern systems, relatively low mod support to what it could be, etc.

Also, as far as I can tell, it's shareware with no way to buy it.

on Apr 27, 2008
Actually look deeper into the site, sometime in 2007 they changed it from "buy" to free, just follow the link on the site provide an e-mail and they mail you a free registration code.

As for playing, check in hamachi, it;s widely used for games where the producers have stopped the servers (like tiberium sun and HW 2)
on Apr 27, 2008

Just noticed the free registration code thing. Darn it. Though they could sell it if they'd patch it.

I do know about Hamachi, but the problem with it is that the Nexus allowed some character verification not offered by other sources.