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Repent, for the end is near.
Published on April 29, 2008 By erathoniel In Current Events

    Now, this article will be terribly pessimistic, but it's from a secular standpoint more than a religions one.

    We are reaching Earth's carrying capacity, our limited resources of water and nutrients are being taken too greatly, and we will soon perish. The way to prevent this is a dramatic conservation plan, involving fewer man-made amenities, and desalination plants, and a variety of other processes. And that's only a short-term solution. We also are running out of room for plants, and we will need to figure out a new way to find food.

    And remember kiddies, soylent green is people. Actually not that bad an idea in the near (hopefully far) future.

on Apr 30, 2008

If you knew anything about ecology you wouldn't be so smug about it.  There is only a limited bit of carrying capacity in any given environment.  Sometimes things just don't stretch.

We have too many people as it is...that's why there are dirt poor nations with millions starving and living in hell holes.  Not enough food, not enough water, not enough clothing, not enough medicine.

It's a hell of a problem.


on Apr 30, 2008
Love the soylent green reference. Anyone who remembers that movie can not be all bad.

But I disagree. The current population of the earth far exceeds the capacity of man in the 19th century. But man has improved on how they use resources just as fast as the population has grown. We can over populate the world, but are no where near it now. And I suspect as we approach it, man will find a way to cloth, feed, and house the greater numbers.

I beleive in the survival instinct of man over the pessimism of the doom sayers.
on Apr 30, 2008

I feel that we aren't using resources well, that's why we have poor.

on Apr 30, 2008
I feel that we aren't using resources well, that's why we have poor.

We might be using them well, but just rationing them incorrectly. We may have poor, but we also have obscenely wealthy people who have done nothing more than use money to make money. We may have starving, but we also have people who are morbidly obese. Personally, I think the solution is to cap wealth or at least diminish returns at higher amounts(you can't get richer without making others potentially poorer), especially wealth that wasn't really earned; and find a way to prevent people from reproducing without a license certifying they are capable of being good parents.