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A Simple Quiz
Published on May 2, 2008 By erathoniel In Humor

    This is a quiz to figure out which of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse you are.

  1. Favorite Weapon: A. Sword                       B. Pen            C. Bubonic Plague     D. Thermonuclear Warhead
  2. Favorite Drink:     A. Beer                         B. Wine          C. Cyanide               D. Radioactive Waste
  3. Favorite Food:     A. Buffalo Wings             B. Steak         C. Mort Flesh            D. Fuel Rods
  4. Favorite Book:    A. Fighting For Dummies B. Art of War   C. The Great Plagues  D. Nuclear Weaponry & You
  5. Favorite Car:       A. Mustang                    B. Ferarri        C. Ambulance            D. Nuclear Waste Truck
  6. Favorite Music:    A. Heavy Metal               B. Classical     C. Acid Jazz              D. Experimental Sound
  7. Favorite Roman: A. Julius Caesar              B. Vergil/Virgil C. Justinian               D. Nero

    Score yourself.

A= War

B= Conquerer

C= Pestilence

D= Death

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