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Green, Renewable, and Safe
Published on May 2, 2008 By erathoniel In World Trade Issues

    Nuclear fusion is our best bet for perfect energy. It is not only green and renewable, but it's safe. It's danger levels are low, its payouts are huge, and it's fuel supply is almost limitless. It's the only energy that nobody loses from!

    Granted, we don't have the tech or supplies to have wide-scale fusion yet, but it should be put in the place of fission, starting today.

on Oct 17, 2008

Technologically we are a long way from fusion power. It will have the same achiles heel as fission. It is the problem of dismantling and disposing of the power plant at the end of its life. Fussion power will result in the plant core/containment area becoming radioactive from the neutron flux generated by neutrons kicked out of the reaction zone and absorbed by the plant structure. 

The technology when brought on line will be safer than fission power which has a substantially better safety record than coal or fossil power.  Both of these power sources release more radioactive contanmination to the environment than fission or fussion power. In the long run fusion will be a good solution for industrial stable power. 

In the meantime we will need to develope everything with a long term goal of getting away from fossil power sources. Solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and ocean thermal means. Hydrocarbons are too valuable for manufacturing to be burning up to supply power.  Better used for construction material.



on Oct 28, 2008

I go for a mix of hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, and, if deemed feasible, (the jury's still out on it) wind (60k for a windmill that won't power an entire building?), followed up with fusion by the time it's done.