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Published on May 4, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

    Words have a major power. Studies show that a negative spoken word will linger for seventy two hours in a person's mind, and requires ten positive words to repair the damage it caused before that period is out.

    Words have an immense amount of power, and they can be used for hurting or for healing. In the Bible, words are referenced as sparks that can ignite a forest. Just as a word can cause immense damage, words can be used to repair broken lives.

    The Bible also says that all that comes out of our mouth should be sweet and pure. Is it possible for sweet water and salt water to come from the same spring? Likewise, it is impossible for both words of encouragement and words of destruction to come from the same source.

    Swearing is a perversion of a language into a way of expressing disgust. It should be noted that swearing is generally against any set-down rules, because it shows that a person has so little self-control or vocabulary that they cannot express their points calmly and effectively.

    Words have a power, and swearing is a blatant misuse of that power. Please consider your words carefully.

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