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But will you look into my eyes
Published on May 4, 2008 By erathoniel In Blogging

Perhaps I have been wrong

but I feel surrounded in a throng

I fail to see

how you are better than me

If you cannot attack

but from my back

or try to mend

what I try to defend

you call me out

and you try to shout

you mark me as incorrect

and go to erect

towers and walls to hurt me

but all you end up doing is paying a fee

of hurting everyone

and killing no-one

I would apologize for what I have done

but when I look at the gun

I see that it is not I who need to repent.

For you are like a serpent.

You are but a hypocrit

aiming for a critical hit

but all you find there

is thin air.

You aim for the head

want me dead

think I'm gone

but I'm still strong

but still you lurk

with a dirk

want to hit

whoever seems to be it

you give no kindness

should expect blindness

but you are only able

to be inable

to stop me

for all will see

that it is my right

to resist through night

so that in the day

I still may

continue onwards,

press forwards,

you lack civility

don't qualify for nobility

insist on hostility

until tranquility

I shall speak in rhyme

you shall not make me like a mime

I shall be back

even if you attack

and form a pack

bury me in a stack

I want to be friends

but you desire ends

to me

but you will soon see

that I can rhyme

for a dime

it is not an impediment

I will wear a raiment

and continue on

until Armageddon.

on May 04, 2008

You should really apologize, if they know who you are.

And Stardock should deal with these two forum meneces.

And stop being a fruit of a man.
on May 04, 2008

I have no clue who they are

but they seem to wanna stuff me into the trunk of a car.

Is there anything related to homosexuality

in poetry?