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Are you being true, or fake?
Published on May 5, 2008 By erathoniel In Current Events

    The Quran condemns the "munafig", those who claim to be believers and peacemakers and are not. Do all the radical extremists realize that by your actions, you give all of your religion a bad name?

    Now, I'll admit I'm not Islamic, I'm a white-as-bleach Christian, but bear with me here. When one complains that they are victim to persecution, if they retaliate with bloodshed and killings, will it help anything?

    The simple answer is no. Violence may be necessary to defend the innocents, but it should be considered that in defending your innocent flock, you could end up being the one stirring up the thoughts of hate towards them. Violence is the worst scourge I believe God gave man, starting with Cain. It kills and injures, and can fix nothing. Granted, there are times when the evildoers must be attacked, struck down, destroyed, and annihilated, but will you fix anything by striking those who do not aim at you.

    I'll talk about 9/11 now. Through a radical group attacking a divided nation, the majority of the world's current problems were made. Yes, America is divided. Very rarely can any action be condoned as American, for there is never the full body voting in unison on any decision.

    Also, on Iran, the nuclear facade has to stop. You have nukes, or you don't. Don't mess around. America is known for attempting to defend those attacked by their neighbors, but nukes are serious weapons, not to be used like toys on a playground. Nukes are the worst answer to any problem.

on May 06, 2008

"Very rarely can any action be condoned as American, for there is never the full body voting in unison on any decision."

While i agree with most of what you said, this statement is pure wishful thinking. Do you use the same logic when judging others' actions?????!!! the answer is a sounding NOOOOOOO. No one does that. The actions of the top authority in any country ARE THE ACTIONS OF THE COUNTRY, regadless of how the mjority of the citizens feel about those actions.

You article itself is a proof that your statement abouve is false. Islam is being judged by the actions of a disowned minority. Obama is being judged by the actions of the pastor of his church, republicans are beinng judged by the actions of GW Bush .... etc.

What is sad is this: what i said above alomost always happens when those actions are "Bad" ones, when the actions are "Good", usually the credit is assigned to the individual not to the group he belongs to. For example: JFK was good ... not America .... but America is bad because of GW Bush. Ghandi was good ... not Infdia ... Mandella was good ... not South Africa ..... but Iran is bad because of Ahmadeinjad and North Krea is bad because of Kim Jong or ... whatever his name is.

Hope you get the point.

on May 06, 2008

Here's a clarification. Our leaders speak for the majority, not the entirety, of our citizens, so attacking us, not our government, does nothing.