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Published on May 8, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

    On Raytracing

        Raytracing refers to the process of using a computer to render an image, sometimes photorealistic, from an array of things. Raytracing is a very simple task, but eats up a fair deal of computer power. It doesn't requre a terribly great computer, though, since it merely runs lots of commands. This allows a raytracing engine to render awesome sights on pretty much any computer. I'd recommend it for all people who need an image.

    Software Review- Google SketchUp

    Google's SketchUp is a free, easy to use 3d CAD tool. It's not the most complex, and its in-system renders are awful, but it's easy to use. It's fairly easy to build what you want to build with a little perseverence and a bit of work and practice, you can practically create a three dimensional environment. Granted, it won't be terribly pretty unless you do your own fair deal of artistic work, but it works well. It recieves five @'s.

    Software Review- Kerkythea

    Now, the main reason I like Kerkythea is its funky name and its ability to import from Google SketchUp with a plug-in. It's a raytracing engine that makes any environment look somewhat photorealistic, if enough care was put into the environment, that is. Below is a quick little thing I made with SketchUp, Kerkythea, and no clue what I was doing.


     Game Review- TypeRacer

        Article Link: Play TypeRacer

    TypeRacer is an awesome way to learn to type. You get an excerpt (warning, may contain light crudities and swearing), and you type it, either in practice alone, or in competition with other players. The competition is fierce, but it will help you go from 40 wpm to 80 wpm quickly, and if you're really good, you can put up a high score for all to see. Five @'s, and it's really simple to use too.

    On Blasphemy

    Now, this is to clarify. Using the Lord's name in vain is not swearing, it's blasphemy. Normal swearing is despicable, but blasphemy is a sin. Blasphemy is not joking around with friends in an obvious manner. However, blasphemy is misusing the Lord's name and mocking Him. Granted, you can interpret it as you will, but this is how I interpret it.

    Blasphemy has four of the Ten Commandments dedicated to it. These four are, roughly paraphrased: "Thou shalt not have another as God", "Thou shalt not set up false idols", "Thou shalt not misuse the name of the Lord", and "Honor the Sabbath and keep it holy"

    The first and second seem easy enough, but it should be considered: What is the focus of your life? Is it money? Family? Friends? It should be first God, then the material. This applies to both of these rules.

    The third is so simple it cannot be confused. Any term to refer to God should not be used as slang or interjections, unless you are calling on God Himself. The fourth, however, is a source of debate. Here's how I interpret it. One out of seven days should be a day of rest and worship. One cannot work on these days, unless the work is for the purpose of the Lord.

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