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Published on May 8, 2008 By erathoniel In Religion

    On Time


            What is it?

    Now, this is a mixed philosophy-religion article.  So give me some slack here. Nobody will agree with all of this. Or almost nobody.

    Time is one-dimensional for us humans. In fact, we can only continue onwards, so it could be argued it's non-dimensional, merely an infinitesmal blip on a timeline. This is how I believe we are not only predestined, but also have free will. Also, we cannot change our past, nor guarantee our future. We will never make a time machine because all matter exists in an infintesmal blip and now is not the same as it was when you read the last sentence.

    To God, time is multi-dimensional. He can move it around, look at it from all angles. It's like watching a video on an universal scale. He can see anything, but we, in our infinitesmal blip, make our own decisions to do what we do how we do it. Therefore God knows what will happen to us, but we also have free will. We're the streaming TV version, He has the DVD.

    The Joys of Music

    Music is mankind's best weapon. It deals no physical damage, nor does it kill a mind. It is addictive, yet one loses nothing from its responsible use. It can be beautiful or harsh, and all are wonderful. It can have words implied or it can have words spoken over it.
    Music is the best tool to heal. It can restore souls, regrow, build up, and enlighten.

    Music is the best way to recreate. It takes no effort to listen, but can be judged consciously.

    Music is the easiest thing to make. All it takes is a mind and a tool, and you won't sound like a fool.

    Music can calm or incite. It can be used for times of peace or tempests.

    Music is God's gift to us, a way to communicate beyond all barriers and recieve pleasure without harm.

    Movie Review- The Matrix Trilogy

    Almost everyone knows about the Matrix. It's a trilogy of action-adventure-cyberpunk movies that got mainstream attention. They feature gun battles and bullet time prominently, which leads to testosterone packed action. It pretty much throws out the laws of physics (read as: Uses Wires), for its major kung-fu scenes. While there's some action-packed swordfights, they are replaced by mainly car chase scenes, with plenty of debris.

    Neo, "The One", sets out on a quest to change from an accountant to the savior of an universe. I'm gonna keep my religious background from contributing to this review from here on, but he's a Jesus representation. Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and their small group of hackers run through the Matrix, trying to free as many people as they can from the machines, who have trapped them in the Matrix. It's original enough for a viewer unfamiliar with Cyberpunk, but for those of us with more Cyberpunk experience, the writing's a pure cliche. It gets five @'s, simply for its awesome presentation.

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