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On Desire For God, Family, and Joining God's Church. Includes a Public Service Announcement.
Published on May 9, 2008 By erathoniel In Religion

    On Desire for God

    I believe that men are born with a desire for God that nothing else can fill. Granted, that's also Blaise Pascal's position, but ignore the relation between the guy my favorite programming language is named after and the article topic. I believe that when the world "gets us down", it's due to this undiagnosed thirst. Yes, I do believe that God is the answer to all our problems.

    I also believe that this refutes evolution nicely. After all, if we evolved, would we ever have these desires for something greater? Or would we be happy to procreate and have all physical and intellectual pleasures that our material world can afford. I also believe that this thirst is the indirect cause of most addictions. After all, if you have a thirst you cannot quench, don't you try all that you can to quench it?

    On Family

    Now, I'm not gonna go too far into gender roles here (don't think those dirty thoughts!). I believe that a full-fledged family should have one man and one woman in a parental position. They do have to be married. Not engaged, but married. 'Till death do they part. I cannot be persuaded otherwise, this is the best, most natural way. I'm not saying that it's wrong to have more people in your group, but sexual relationships and living quarters (bedrooms) should be shared by no more than two married or fraternal people. The exception being for living quarters if small children are involved, say if a family of three lets their young child sleep in bed with them occasionally, or in the same room, or due to financial stress (or stress due to living area).

    I do believe that God ordained men to be leaders and women to be followers, but I believe this refers to their specialized personalities and physiology, and is not set into stone. Yeah, it may seem feminized, but I do believe that God was refering to the actual personalities common to each gender, especially based in the Hebrew and Roman societies, rather than the actual genders.

    On Joining God's Church

    Joining God's church is not only simple, but also complex. I recommend a church that is denominational for your first church experience, and make sure they're fairly true to the Word, not interpretations thereof. Remember, people err, the Bible does not. If somone's made you the hard sell, and you're disallusioned with the church, give them a second try. One misconception is that the church is "Ordained by God". This is rarely true. Often, people grow wanting to be a pastor without an actual calling or ability, and therefore you recieved a kind of sub-par Christianity, one full of lies and blasphemy, not truth and scripture.

    It is important to read the Bible when joining the church (and while in it, also), to ward off those who are decieved themselves and help them back on the correct path.

    Public Service Announcement

    I am considering putting up articles individually. I feel that these daily features get very little attention, and I note, also, that people still seem to hold the same darn grudges as they did when I was posting ten times a day. I changed from doing something I didn't believe was wrong due to pure pressure, and you still make life no less difficult. I write more time, and on more issues, than most people do, so therefore don't I deserve more entries than most people? If I get 20 views on an individual article, and 20 on one of these, why bother? I tried playing nice, but I need people to be nice back.

on May 09, 2008
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Says a lot, don't it.
on May 09, 2008

Don't be so vague. Do you have a a point?

on May 13, 2008

I also believe that this refutes evolution nicely.

I like to think that instead of having a 'thirst for god', we have a thirst for an understanding of where we are from, how things work, why they work that particular way etc.

Now in the past, when we didn't understand very much about the world and the universe we live in, that religion provided a comforting explanation. The Sun would rise every morning because there was a sun god, and when there was a storm, it was because the thunder god was angry.

We feel better when we know (or think we know) why things happen, it is this instinctioal drive that initiailly led us to religion and God(s) as well as science. It makes sense also, from a surival perspective to understand how the world around us works.

I think your post is a classical example of how religion takes almost any issue and immediatley labels it god. These days (thankfully) you require more than faith to your arguement across. This is why religion, i feel, will soon be something in the past. A bit like astrology, noone uses it to send shuttles to the moon, but you get the odd house wife who likes to think it actually means something.