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Published on May 9, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

Do you know copy-pasting from Dreamweaver will not save tables unless you copy/paste the HTML code. I hate that. 

Internet Browser Plugins Security Speed Customization/Looks
Firefox 5 5 5 5
Safari 3 4 3 4
I.E. 3 1 3 1

Firefox wins!

FPS Games Brains Reflexes Community Cost
Halo 1 5 1 $60
Tremulous 4 5 3 Free
ET:QW 3 4 5 <$20

Tremulous wins!

Vector Graphics Software OS Ease Quality Cost
Inkscape All 4 4 Free
Illustrator Mac, Win 5 5 Tons
Xara Xtreme


(Open Source)

5 3 Free

Inkscape and Xara tie for free quality, Illustrator costs too much.

Raytracing Software Speed Quality Scene Creation External Plugins
POV-Ray 5 5 2 (script) 3 (self)
Kerkythea 3 5 5 (3d view) 5 (self, SketchUp)

POV-Ray is very good and fast, bur Kerkythea saves time with it's in-system editing and SketchUp plug-ins.

Role-Playing Games Graphics Simplicity Story Misc. Cost
Oblivion 5 5 5 3 ~$60
Elona 3 5 2 5 Free
GearHead 5 3 4 3 Free

Oblivion gives the best time, with Elona being fun for those looking simply for a sandbox game, and GearHead combines sand-box gameplay with random story generations to provide a free gaming experience.

OS Review Looks Performance Bugs Cost
Windows XP 3/5 modded 4, but easy to mess up 3 (few) A little
Mac OS-X 4 3 5 (none) Extortionate, with hardware
Ubuntu/Knoppix 5 (with light software) 5 5 (none) Free, WINE allows Windows "support"

Ubuntu/Knoppix is the best bet for an easy-use OS. Yes, they're different. But they're similar enough in user interface and features.

on May 09, 2008
An article like this one is a good one for you to embellish with some "hard" date. It makes for a much more readable article.

As for the O/S choices, ditch WINE and go with the bundled virtual machine in Hardy Heron, the latest Ubuntu release.
on May 09, 2008

Bundled virtual machine? Like Windows style? The nice thing about WINE is that it needs no Windows, but the virtual machine, unless it's a total Windows remake, will require an Windows install over Linux. Virtualization is an option, but it's not preferred.