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Published on May 13, 2008 By erathoniel In Blogging

    On Magic In Fiction

    Now, I know this isn't the most controversial topic. I also know I probably have adressed it before, but I can't remember exactly where or when. I believe that all magic in real life comes from Satanic sources, not nature or God (for there will be more prophesies met before God restores power to His followers). I do believe, however, that in fantastical works of literature, magic is a permissible inclusion. For instance, in Shadowrun or Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader, magic has entered the world through an "Awakening". This is a perfectly acceptable manner of including magic, as is the Tamrielic (magic has always been in the universe) method. However, books like Harry Potter, for example, include magic with no buffer from the real world (I've heard it stated that not only is it out and out stated witchcraft, but it is also true to actual real witchcraft, though I cannot verify this myself), and are therefore dark books involving the dark arts of Satanic magic and rituals. There. I sound like a fanatical witch burner, but I seriously do not believe in witch burnings. There is no sin so deep that we cannot be saved.

    On Con Artists

    Now, this is adressed to Scientology and "the Master" (the latter of which can be found here on JU). You are all victims of either clever scams (in the former case, can't say about latter) or Satanic followers taking dark powers and being decieved, or decieving others that their powers are from the light. There is no trippy crap. Science's laws have existed since God made the universe, and will until God destroys the Universe or re-makes it, depending on your interpretations. There will be no aliens, mystical energy, telepathy (through natural means, not dark supernatural). You've been scammed. Get over it, and go somewhere else.

    On Morrowind Addiction

    Now, Morrowind is a dangerous game. It will suck you in for hours and hours with its wonderful artistic style, wonderful mods (I'm using Arg Domurg, one I sorta made [Google it], and a gun mod at the current moment, and have hundreds [or dozens, I haven't counted] more). It's got a deep world, wonderful characters, and all-in-all decent engine and gameplay. My only complaint would be the Ironmode nature of the game, combined with the propensity for small fish to make you run all the way back to mama crying. Darn Slaughterfish. That leads me inadvertently to my second complaint (ignore the only adjective earlier) of the wonderfully deep creatures being so cliche or annoying. Insect/reptile thingy that paralyzes, check. Walking worm, check. Annoying darn bird that feels like something out of a Hitchcock film, check. It's good, but when is it too much? Why so few bandits? It's too darn addictive, and recieves six @'s, for artistic value (darn Jeremy Soule music), gameplay, and running on my computer.

    Buy the GOTY edition, it's $20 and you'll find it anywhere. It'll probably run on almost anything you find, too.

on May 13, 2008
There will be no aliens

What are angels if not extra-terrestrial beings? Do they live on this planet?


So are they extra-terrestrials? Hecks, is GOD HIMSELF an extra-terrestrial?

Yes, in the strict sense of the word.

mystical energy

So you don't believe in healings or miracles? Elijah didn't call down fire from heaven? Elisha didn't raise that person from the dead? Jesus didn't walk on water or raise Lazarus from the dead?


So Jesus was lying when he told the Pharisees that he saw the true intentions of their hearts? Or were the apostles lying when they said the same?

Just some thoughts for you. Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to run off the mouth when you've already spoken out repeatedly that you do, in fact, believe the Bible to be true and if that's the case, you just lied to yourself and the very few who will actually bother reading this.

I don't know why I bothered typing it.
on May 13, 2008

"aliens" does not refer to angels and God. It refers to the crap that people made up. Second off, God is everywhere at once, so he would be an omniterrestial.

Mystical energy is referring to a physical sense. It's a direct response to something from "the Master".

Telepathy and omniscience are what you ahve confused. Telepathy is the contact with someone else's mind. Omniscience encompasses that and much more.

Second, aren't you quoting terribly out of context? "Through natural means, not dark supernatural." When I say dark supernatural, I mean Satanic powers. God has not given widestream power to his followers. Though miracles still happen, they aren't massive worldwide events.