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Published on May 14, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

    GearHead 2 .502 Released

    GearHead 2 has a new version released on its Sourceforge page. Go try it. It's a blast. It adds depth to the gameplay, both ASCII and SDL.

    Nevermind that I'm an admin on the wiki, it's a good game, simple to learn, hard to master. Try GH1 first, though, unless you want pure random, because GH2 isn't done yet! Site Review

    Hulu is a wonderful video service that allows you to watch movies and TV on your computer for free with ad support. It's a wonderful site, having classics like Battlestar Galactica as well as newer hits like The Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. However, it should be noted that it has all videos available to all users, without regard for age gates, so it is not recommended for children. It is a wonderful service, though, and will provide hours of family entertainment if used correctly. It has both high-and-low resolution videos, and carries obscure or mainstream media. Its TV selection is particularly impressive, though one will find plenty of movies. It can cut down your time on your television dramatically. My only complaint would be the lack of Stargate (though it does have TV excerpts).  Five @'s.

    Mechromancy: Paladin's Guild

    The Paladin's Guild is a long line of priest-warriors, believed to be started when the Grand Empire had its first Elf Emperor, who was himself the first paladin. The Paladin's Guild has been around thousands of years, and specializes in policing cults and supernatural activity in populated areas, while its sister group, the Ranger's Order, focuses on similar crimes comitted in unpopulated areas. The Paladin's Guild was originally started by the Empire, but has since broken off into a paramillitary orginization. Pretty much the Empire's own mage-mercs. We do do orders for others, but we charge a lot for non-ordained jobs.

    I'm Da. I'm an Akamari. Da's a nickname, but it's what I go by. I serve An'the'ra. Most of the Paladins follow the Imperial Pantheon, but us Akamari all serve An'the'ra and nobody else. We use shooting, slashing, and piercing weapons, as well as explosive weapons. We also are powerful "mages", and are near invincible in combat. The downside being that we have a stricter honor code than most anybody else. An'the'ra has some strict expectations, so unlike the followers of the god of death, we have to be good. No killing civilians or children. It makes it hard in some situations. For instance, a couple days ago, we hit a gang practicing thaumaturgy. This is a very dangerous thing, because thaumaturgists can cause a lot of trouble, especially considering their secular nature.

    Sure we took the gang down, but An'the'ra will be mad at me for a while. They usually let me drive the chases, but I was stuck with the rocket launcher, because the car was on auto-drive to chase the darn Sa'la'a down. We took down two of their cars, but their third sent us scattering when it shot back. Jim shot off a manabolt, killed their only remaining mage, but one of them ran over to me. He must've forgot about us Akamari and our da weapons. I cut him open, but I dropped my launcher. When I picked it back up (those things cost serious cred), I accidentally broke Jim's neck. He's not gonna be happy when he heals. That made An'the'ra angry, but it got worse. When I shot a void-bolt at one of the thugs, he dodged and it hit a bus of children. I didn't kill any, but An'the'ra was pretty ticked that I'd be so careless twice in a day. So now I've gotta go back to doing menial chores, given that the Paladin's Guild dropped my rank down. The only problem with the Paladin's Guild is that they are too used to fighting mundanes and D-N's in cults, not mages, and when we come across thaumaturgists, we end up in a world of hurt and an entire squad gets demoted. At least I'm not alone.

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