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Published on May 16, 2008 By erathoniel In Blogging

    Lex Romanorum Introduction

    Lex Romanorum is a series of stories I will be writing in pseudo-Latin (It means "Law of the Romans"). It will be set in ~40 BC Rome, following a messenger in the Roman Army. It's a pseudo-historical fiction. It'll be written realistically, but will throw out some accuracy for plot reasons. It's gonna be written in English, with asides in Latin. One will not need to know Latin to read it. It will help with some of the understanding of the words, sure, but it's not necessary.

    What Is Art?

    Art is, in my opinion, any visual or audible medium intended to make one feel what he has not felt through sight and hearing, and none of the other senses (though they may be added). It includes ASCII art, but not Roguelike games (unless designed for the artistic purposes) and books (of text for reading). It does, however, include contemporary video games and book covers. It includes music of all types, even sound bits. Therefore, art is life, and life is art.

    Music Review- Cave Story Soundtrack

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    Some of you know I'm a total video game fanatic. More or less, not as much as some people (I take bathroom breaks), but more than most everyone who has a life expectancy. Cave Story is one of my favorite games. It takes a fair time to play, but it's worth it. It's definitely a masterpiece of art, and it's free. Look it up. It also has an unpronouncable, untypable name. But it has awesome music. Its music is very simple, and is made specifically for certain purposes, such as boss fights or specific levels. It's pretty awesome, though, with a MIDI/8 bit feel that is irresistible. Get it today, and listen long and often. Did I mention it's free?

on May 16, 2008

Some of you know I'm a total video game fanatic. More or less, not as much as some people (I take bathroom breaks),

I don't mean to be overly prying when I ask this, but what's your story? Do you have a job/in school/ extenuating circumstances? Just curious as I'm trying to piece together a picture, that's all.

on May 16, 2008

I have lots of free time, but I do work. Not very long, but enough to stay alive.

That "I take bathroom breaks" statement was kind of a cruel joke aimed at some gamers who don't even take a break from their game if it kills them.