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Review edition!
Published on May 18, 2008 By erathoniel In Blogging

    Movie Review- Prince Caspian

    Yes, I get out of my house occasionally. For instance, yesterday I went to see Prince Caspian. Two words: Epic Awesome. Seriously, I may enjoy the battle scenes too much, but they're good. However, the book-accuracy is questionable, it's more of a theological work than CS Lewis' work. Yes, a Disney movie has more theological depth than the work it's based on. I may be putting Lewis' work in the same air as Tolkein here, and I'd need to read again to check, but it seemed to me that the movie was more theologically deep than the book.

    It gets six @'s, for perfect medieval combat, awesome special effects, and light humor (albeit too much in some places). Recommended for ages 13 and up, for its intense glorified violence. The music's pretty darn good too.

    Game Review- Es Trial Beta

    This is probably the most over-embellished release I've ever seen. Almost five times as many characters are used for the description than for the name. And the name gets filtered out of the tags category automatically. However, Es is a wonderful game. Find it on Youtube here, because I can't make a screenie (320x240 club is me). It is Japanese, and at least this version is free.

    It's an action-adventure mecha action fighting game involving a small girl and a horde of giant robots (pretend I'm speaking like Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation). Cheezy as it may seem, if you can get past the fact that you are playing as a young girl with robotic body parts destroying an entire army of robots, read on! The gameplay is smooth. You can equip items with points you earn by racking up combos on bosses, and then you end up with homing missiles, force shields, and lots of good ol' carnage. Five @'s, only shame is that it could be longer.

    Link to my Mediafire (before you tell me to use something else, the only other thing I'm willing to try hosting it on is my wiki, and with only 300 MB of media space, and it being 50MB, there's no way it'll happen.) hosting of it, because the other mirrors are so darn hard to get to and past, especially in Japanese. The version here has my custom low-spec settings (configurable up using the config.ini in notepad or equivalent, or the in-game configuration), and game-completed-twice save in an easy to use .exe package.: Download the Es Trial Beta here.

    Are You Playing A Game or Fighting A War?

    I've had problems with people complaining about how hard video games are, or how they require so much training. Now, I'm a chronic grinder, needing to be about five levels higher than necessity would state, but even I find people who complain about difficulty are annoying. If you wanna level up, are you gonna buy a textbook? Why bother with wasting so much time kitting out and training when actually playing the game would not only reward you, but also give you all you complain about needing. Don't go online and download savefiles or editors, don't hire powerlevelers or buy gold, just take the gosh-darned controller and set out to work miracles.

on May 18, 2008
I'm hoping to see Prince Caspian as well.

Thanks for the review.
on May 18, 2008

It's awesome. Go see it.