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Published on May 20, 2008 By erathoniel In Blogging

    Why Do You Call it Hate?

    I've had people complain that I'm a "troll" or too hard on them. You know what I say? If you cannot justify your beliefs, must you classify mine as hate? Quite frankly, I'm only capable of hating those who've wronged me. As far as I know, no major group has hurt me as a general rule, so therefore I hate no group. Plus, I usually only hold grudges so long as they can keep on burning. I'm not gonna continue haunting one issue for eight years. I'm lucky to do anything for two total days straight. It's not hate, it's the fact that your beliefs differ, and I give them the trial of fire to make sure that somebody is right in the world. Would you like some cheese with that whine? Learn to argue your point, or don't complain when it gets shattered.

    Mechromancy- Progress Report

    Ok, I've got two religions in the Pantheon (need to be fleshed out further for the Imperial Pantheon), three factions (Granted, the Cyberium has nothing much written about it. That's gonna change by the end of this article.), and three races (Human, Elf, Akamari, all fleshed out at least to playablity, if I had the darn gameplay mechanics done). My only problem is continuing content, and working on the darn conlang. Yeah, I haven't written anything on it for a week or so. I've never been that terribly fond of it as a language, but it's easy enough to speak and learn, if confusing. I need to work on its backstory too, now that I've made the Akamari a race of telepaths (used for clarification, trading with other local races [now extinct], rituals?). I also need to clarify Starfall Commerce and the Guardians more, though I guess the Ranger and Paladin Guilds need updates too. So far, though, it's been fun. Alone. I'm wondering if offering e-mail adresses would work if I could work on getting Gmail into the wiki.

    Mechromancy- The Cyberium

    The Cyberium. Home to millions of people, all working to become the single most powerful force in the galaxy through peace. Granted, the robot armies deter most negotiations, after all, who wants to join a force with no people behind it (for, indeed, the people of the Cyberium rarely leave their homes, instead lingering around their core planets, letting their robots do the frontier colonization and upkeep). The Cyberium is a tech paradise, with the highest mech-to-person ratio (about 95:96), the highest robot-to-sentient ratio (5:1, counting only pseudo-sentient robots with free will and a physical entity), and a flowing Matrix system, connecting all the Cyberium together through the miracles of mana-tech. Contrary to common belief, the Cyberium has the highest amount of magic users (40%, if Akamari are included in the population count for the tally, more if not), and an overwelming export of magical tools, the Cyberium is the universe's largest consumer state, with an average state-of-living of three times that of the Empire's. The Cyberium is also home to a large ratio of Archmage-level magicals due to research in magical augmentation, as well as the abundance of mana-batteries serving to allow any magical to practice with a near-infinite magical reserve. However, the Cyberium suffers a lack of centralized leadership, a tendency for small warring mini-factions and nano-factions, a dystopian lack of respect for life, and a decadent lifestyle.

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