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Published on May 24, 2008 By erathoniel In Blogging

    Darn Fatigue

    For some reason, I've been getting really slow and lethargic for the last few days. It's probably because I haven't been eating right, but, then again, it could be anything. It means that I'll probably be putting up more filler articles than I used to, for example, this one.

    Game Review- Archlord

    Yeah, I just started playing it today, but here's what I'll say about Archlord. It's. Awesome. It's pretty much a hardcore MMORPG experience in a free to play package. It doesn't shove the "Oh, I'm free to play, so buy some stuff already" stuff in your face (at least up to level 8), and it's a pretty nice looking game. The music's good, the gameplay's good, the community's silent, except for the "Buy Gold" spammers, but they're everywhere (and you can, albeit at the cost of conversation, mute them). It's a fun game, all-in-all, with a decent quest system, which, if I were less lazy would be way more fun (kill=good, item retrieve=bad), it's got hunting and crafting, and, all-in-all, a simple but deep gameplay experience. Six @'s, and it's my new MMO of choice (rivaling... nothing).

    Movie Review- I Am Legend

    Yep, finally got around to watching it. It's a mixed experience. It's hard to believe some of the stuff it has, but it's an enjoyable flick if you open your mind, and, all-in-all, an action horror flick you won't wanna miss. The movie itself has only cautions for the grotesqueness of it, though the animated shorts included on the DVD are way worse. There's no language (or terribly harsh language, that is) throughout the entire film (no "S" or "F" bombs as are common in movies these days). It even has a sorta religious part, though I'd leave it to KFC or Lula to judge that, and it's not all negative (though it is skeptical). All in all, five @'s, and a fun flick for teenagers as opposed to some of the more hardcore zombie/survival/horror/action films out there. Recommended for 15 and older (though merely for nightmares, content's fine down to thirteen or so), but not those with a history of nightmares. I'll be fine, though, and I'm not a major horror fan, so it's nothing too scary. It's brutal and grotesque at parts, though, but also cerebral and deep, with themes of sacrifice.

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