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Published on May 25, 2008 By erathoniel In Blogging


    The world keeps getting smaller and smaller. The Dreamers compete, each forming their own patches of paradise, coming and going at will. I am a Greater Dreamer. This is my world, they are only in here as long as I invite them. Soon, I will send some away, they're messing up the place with their bickering. At least one of them is having nightmares, because the city doesn't normally have a huge crater teeming with goblins. I'll have to hunt them down. I hate it when other Dreamers summon Figments. See, we can shape terrain, but if a Figment isn't ours, we have to destroy it or change it ourselves.

    I'm eight feet tall, with a suit of armor and a claymore right now. I could be small as a mouse, or larger than the city, but I choose not to be. I'm imposing when inside the city, but those Figments don't stand a chance against me. I hate it when people mess up my setting, too. Another dreamer puts in robots, and I'm gonna knock him senseless. This is my world, and I'm not gonna give it up to those who disregard my commands.

    Someone gave the goblins muskets. Ruining my setting, and my armor. I change. Now I'm a dwarf with a revolver. Fireworks ensue, due to the Dreamers looking on. They are right to watch, it's gonna be impressive. Halfway through the battle, I turn into a sorceror. I turn the cavity in the ground into a mountain, sending the goblins and myself flying. I shoot lightning at the goblins as we fall back to earth. It's an impressive sight.

    However, even us Greater Dreamers have to Dive sometime, and it scares us all, knowing that everything we have can be gone, and we can be put into different dreams. It's the worst life ever. Only a few of us Dreamers know the truth. We were either around before being turned into Dreamers, or we've been told by each other. When the corporations needed a way to get rid of the unsavory elements of society, but leave their comfortable sleep untouched, they put them into the Dreams. I've been dreaming for years, ever since I was put in here. I long for my freedom. The corporations view it as a dream world, but it's a life of horror.

    Game Review- Soldat

    Soldat is a violent, bloody 2d action shooter game. It's fun, though. It focuses only on pure action, eschewing most everything else for speed, simplicity, and adrenaline. It's a simple game, but it's still awesome, and it has plenty of maps and game-modes. It has bots and multiplayer. It's pseudo-freeware, in so much as it feels more like a donation request than a request to buy the actual game. Five @'s. It's easy to mod, too. Even I can make a mod for it (don't worry, I won't release mine).

    Game Preview- Fallen Empire: Legions

    Now, technically it's still in beta, so I can't say too much about it, but let's just say I was excited when I found the invite in my e-mail inbox, and rightfully so. I'm gonna leave it simple. It's sweet. That's all I'll say. And it runs on my computer (can't forget that, can I?). It's very Tribes feeling, for what it's worth, and it has natural controls. I'd play it any day. If anyone else has beta access, tell me.

    Considering Release Changes

    Over the summer, I won't be able to write as much, so here's what I'm gonna say. I'm gonna go back to releasing individual articles over the time I'm away from home. However, I'll try to only release one a day.

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