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Published on July 15, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

I'm opening up the Video Game Classification Wiki to the public (which means no account needed). What you can do is make an account and a page with your name (real or fake), then put little sections to duel. If it gets off well enough, I may make a public wiki simply for the purpose of fighting with words. Basically it's a way to relieve stress and keep comments from piling up too quickly on poor people's articles (sorry, KFC). Any comments or ideas are appreciated. I'll see you there (you guys should love this). Just make your own section on my page (or on another user's), and start fighting!


WARNING: Vandalism will not be tolerated.

on Jul 16, 2008

consider this article vandalized


on Jul 16, 2008

Only on the wiki. I don't care that much about this article. It's really to get MasonM to stop before he has to get banned entirely.