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What scares you?
Published on July 26, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

 What phobias do you have? I fall victim to a blend of phobias, none of which are terribly pleasant (fortunately, nor fairly common, save nyctophobia). Tell me if I'm misclassifing any of these. Also, none of them affect me in a virtual environment.

Acrophobia- Fear of heights. 12 feet is about how much it takes to trigger it. I will stay far away from any edges that could cause falling (even railing that doesn't go up to my chest).

Aviophobia- Fear of flying. Not too bad, but I avoid flying, despite rationally knowing it's safe. I feel this could be a result of acrophobia.

Cynophobia- Fear of dogs. Bad. If they're small, not so much, but I have to know they're friendly, and large dogs that are friendly are avoided when possible.

Nyctophobia- Fear of dark. Irrationally here, I will panic if I can't make out recognizable objects. Relaxed when among others, or in cases where there is no input (though a slight noise will trigger).

Pyrophobia- Fear of fire. I will avoid any open flame, or any pyrotechnics. I can enjoy fireworks, but I must be far away and not in a high-roofed building.

Radiophobia- Fear of radiation and X-rays. X-rays not so much, but any other radiation above the visible is avoided, assuming it's possible. Ultraviolet not so bad in sunlight, artificial very bad, but it and X-rays are still permitted only for necessity.

Those are just six, with their scientific terms. I didn't even bother with my fear of invertebrates, since it's a strange on-off thing I haven't really diagnosed the triggers for. And it's the only one that takes effect in virtual environments.

on Jul 27, 2008
Here you go...

aichmophobia (fear of knives)


ophidiophobia (snakes)

They don't have words for my other fears.

I have a super irrational fear of masks and going down an aisle of Halloween masks will give me a panic attack.

I am also frightened of mannequins of all kinds, and depending on the context, I may be able to ignore the mannequin or I may be too scared to be in the room with it.

I am afraid of heights, but not ridiculously so. I am super scared when my children are somewhere high.
on Jul 27, 2008

I don't know if they could be classified full-fledged phobias but I don't like bridges of any sort, not over the river, a highway over pass, even a pier freaks me out a bit.  I also don't like places that are super crowded and loud ~ sometimes.  I had a blast at the concert I went to and it was super crowded and loud.  Christmas shopping at the mall - get me out of there! 

on Jul 27, 2008

None of my fears are debilitating and as long as I have a way out I'm ok. 

Like spiders.  I don't like spiders especially very large ones.  I don't really freak tho because I know I can outrun a spider, but if I were in a small space with a bunch of spiders then I would definitely freak.  Same goes with hornets, wasps or unknown variety of snakes.  A harmless garden snake probably wouldn't upset me much but it would be unpleasant to have  horde of them all around me in a small space. 

I will freak tho if something is buzzing in my ear or around me.  Definitely.  I have a strong flight reflex when I'm in a car with a bee or hornet buzzing around in the car with me. 

Fear of drowning which I'm hoping will be done away with as I'm teaching myself to swim.  I'm already feeling better about the water. 

claustrophophia on occasion.  Not often but every once in a while it rears its ugly head. 



on Jul 28, 2008
Acrophobia and Hemaphobia.
on Sep 30, 2008

Pardon the resurrection -- I thought this was cool. Use the intergoogle for definitions.

(Scale of 1 to 10: 1 = minor annoyance, 5 = line between rational/irrational fear, 10 = catatonic paralysis)

  • Lilapsophobia: 9  (Why, oh why was I destined to grow up in Michigan and live in Texas?)
  • Ophidiophobia: 7 (Pretty common, this one.)
  • Acrophobia: 3 (Strangely, I adore airplanes and flight. I guess it's a matter of the possibility of falling.)
  • Claustrophobia: -4 (Not a typo. Dare I buy a coffin to sleep in? *grin*)
on Oct 02, 2008


If it's of tornadoes, it's not a bad phobia, it's a survival instinct.


Really common. Nothing to be to afraid of, but I feel your pain.




Same here. I find small, cramped spaces. They make me feel like nobody will stab me in the back.

on Oct 02, 2008

Moderate arachnophobia...I have no problems with tarantulas or anything else that's big.  It's those little ones that move way too quick and hide way too easily.  Not a fan of the jumping spider...just the thought of it jumping into my face...bleh.  They are really, really cool long as I know where they're going.

Other than that, nothing really irrational.