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Published on August 10, 2008 By erathoniel In Misc

  On the GHWiki, we've been getting a lot of spam recently. So, here's a little note to spammers: We don't care about Guild War Gold's meaningful nature. Quite frankly, a wiki is not a blogging site. If you wanna talk about the Olympiad Panda Bears, do it on a blog site, not on a sci-fi wiki. While the articles you write may not be too terrible, and may be worthy of being published in some very extreme cases, it's a site with a goal of detailing a video game, not your personal poetry or writing skills. You will never be allowed to write on the GHWiki again, and any "artwork" you have made will be deleted. So, to put it nicely, get off our lawn, and quit vandalizing the bathrooms.

  This is a rant, and not adressed towards anyone on JU (unless you happen to be one of the newly-banned GHWiki Spammers).

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