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Published on August 28, 2008 By erathoniel In Democrat

     Ok. We all know and love (or pity) Barack Obama. However, when he speaks about change, how does he back it up? His plan to fix our economy is to lower our dependence on foreign energy, which will be done by fixing our economy. Nevermind that people can build smart cars that run off his hot air, he doesn't provide any change. He can say he will, but really, to tell the truth, he'd just let others try their systems of change. Sure he'd do this and that, but, unlike McCain, who actually has plans, he'd be just trying to go minute-per-minute. He lacks the ideas to actually bring about his change. By electing Obama, we'd be putting the Infinite Loop Candidate into office.

on Aug 29, 2008

Change is nothign new.  Every candidate since the first election has run on it.  What I find funny is the slobbering MSM and how they play it up.  His change theme is the same old tired theme.  This is not to say that Obama is stale or tired or trite, but that all elections are as if you boil down the issues, there is really nothing new in them.