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I detail what I'm planning to do for Fall 2008.
Published on August 30, 2008 By erathoniel In Blogging

     I have a number of projects going for this Fall. Two are short stories, another, well, I'll just hint at it and say "daily". That's your clue. The short stories are both planned to be my Shadowrun fare, so don't expect too much. One of the Shadowrun stories is going to be called "Screams of the Undead" (yes, I'm stealing song titles, imitation=flattery). This is also a hint at the plot of this story, since you can guess it will have at least one of the mentioned items in the title. And it'll probably not be screams. I haven't decided on the name of the other. I'm considering "Eye of the Tiger", or "Ailurophobia".

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