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Published on April 23, 2009 By erathoniel In Misc

So I'm back on JoeUser. I've kicked my porn addiction (Four years later, no longer using a filter, no longer needing to watch), stopped playing so many video games (not quite so happily, but necessary), and run a daily webcomic (for a couple months, then I lost inspiration/ideas and my comp. died), and started a new weekly one.


I'd also like to apologize. I've been snarky and rude, and all the things I never wanted to be in the past, not because I truly wanted you to hurt, but because I hurt, and I wanted to look strong. So I'm back. It's probably not the same me in most areas, but hopefully those of you who liked me still will, and those of you who didn't will recognize my change and we can move on together.

And then if you still don't, it's cool by me.

on Apr 23, 2009

Welkommen Zuruck!


Congrats on that, such addictions are difficult to overcome.



on Apr 23, 2009

Tell me about it. After recovery I had migraines for two months due to being inable to cope with stress. The video game killing thing is a part of that. More work, less stress!

Thanks for the kind words.

on Apr 23, 2009


I don't know you, haven't bee naround all that long, but I can say that I too have struggled with some of those same things, and so I would just like to say congrats on kicking it. and even if I don't know you from before, welcome back.

on Apr 24, 2009

I just got back after a (half?) year hiatus. It's over a little over a year since I started.

on Apr 24, 2009

Got that eye problem cleared up yet?

on Apr 24, 2009

didn't know it was possible to shoot up porn.  prolly gotta cold shake print porn rather than cook it huh?   film, on the other hand, prolly melts quickly and hits harder.  

is that where the expression "monkey on your back" originated?

on Apr 25, 2009

I see that some people are a little... more sarcastic than I'd hoped. Oh well, still, 2/4 ain't so bad.