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Angels and Demons is a violent film. And I'm not just referring to the shoot and kill, either. With the one exception of romance, there is every type of passion in this film, and plenty of it. Emotion, intellect, and brute force come together to make one great movie experience.

Some good things in Angels and Demons were practically everything. Wonderful quality and presentation mix to bring an enthralling, engaging experience. The special effects and light science-fiction feel at some points worked wonderfully, and the addition of religion brought in a wonderful spice to the movie. Add in a conspiracy theory and a snaking plot, and you get a pretty darn complex movie that you'll be patting yourself on the back just for figuring out.

The bad comes in some of the content. Some of the violence is over the top, with such scenes as a disembodied eye (leaking blood), a man being nibbled at by mice after being murdered (by having dirt shoved down his throat), five brandings (only one performed on screen), a man being burned alive (actually, two of these), a man with a hole in his lungs (which obliges to shoot blood out when CPR is attempted), and a drowning (though the victim is rescued), in addition to a couple gun fights and a car bomb blowing up one of the antagonists. There is also subtle anti-religious tones, if one would care to interpret them that way.

The plot goes as follows:

  • Pope poisoned, dies (though this could actually happen after the antimatter is stolen, as this is when this part of the plot is introduced)
  • Antimatter created
  • Antimatter stolen, lead scientist killed (this is where the dismembered eyeball comes in)
  • Illuminati announces plans to blow up Vatican with, you guessed it, the antimatter.
  • Camerlengo calls in Robert Langdon
  • Robert Langdon gets clues, finds "Path of Illumination
  • 3 Preferiti killed, last one saved
  • Hunt for Hassassin
  • Hassassin blown up with car bomb
  • Swiss Guard head killed for what appears to be trying to kill the Camerlengo
  • Antimatter bomb found, Camerlengo takes it to helicopter, flies off, and parachutes back down before explosion
  • Inspection of Swiss Guard headquarters reveals that Camerlengo is behind Pope's death, antimatter heist, and more, to try to become Pope to save Catholic church from what he believes to be a surrender to liberalism
  • Camerlengo burns himself to death
  • Rescued Preferiti becomes Pope
  • Happy? ending.

That's Angels and Demons, with full spoilers. Recommended for the mature person with a love of conspiracy theories, definitely not one for the kiddies, though.

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