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September 6, 2008 by erathoniel
Now, I'll admit that as a party, Republicans are a mite too quick to fight. In fact, if you look back, McCain's kinda been attacking Obama first (or at least his ads have been on my TV first). However, when you look at it, would you rather have a pacifist, or a Repugilist? I mean, the Republicans may fight too much, but do the Democrats fight enough? Do they actually push for what they want (outside of the bedroom?), or do they just stamp "yea", "nay", or "present", and go back to sleep. Republi...
September 6, 2008 by erathoniel
   Welcome to my guide on making a good pseudonym. I will list things to do/not do

Numbers are BAD! BAD! BAD! Numbers will turn away the more serious people at a fair rate (admit it, who would befriend, much less pay attention to, John1825712085?)Using a product in your name is also bad. Do not name youself "WoWGoldVendor". This is more of a username than a pseudonym thing, I guess, but it's bad.Use a random name generator. This is good. It gives ideas. I use two pseudonyms, Erathon...
September 6, 2008 by erathoniel
Shadowrun: Screams of the Undead
Every single time I feel the burn I try to throw it away.
A fast fix for the brokenness of everyday.
Its like the pain is building up, it's swelling up,
I've got to choke it down and break it down until it's broke down.
it's like a shard of glass, it's like a broken piece.
Of everything I hate, it's everything in me,
A burnt heart stains black the blood it flows.
A dead soul will overshadow.- Demon Hunter I am Kichirou Ken, expert Samurai. I hunt ghouls...
September 5, 2008 by erathoniel
Kichirou Ken Shadowrun 3 Character Sheet (I play fast and loose with the rules to make this guy, using BeCKS and a whole lotta karma. He's VERY high level. And, I will guarantee, cybered/bio'd beyond all sanity/legality).

BIO-INFOCurrent NameKichirou KenStreet NameSmokeReal NameKichirou KenCreator ErathonielArchetypeStreet Samurai
VitalsRaceHuman (changeling)
Height6'4" cmSexMaleWeight160 kgEyesBlackHairBlackBirthdate UnknownBirthplace SeattleTotal Karma0Unspent Karma0Descr...
September 5, 2008 by erathoniel
McCain's speech has proven a couple of things. Number one, he is not a great speaker. Number two, his prescription to solve America's ills are to do more of the same.

McCain, who votes with Bush 90 percent of the time, thinks the solution to our problems is to give the rich more money, keep spending the country's blood and treasure in Iraq, and hope everything turns out okay. That's the definition of insane.

McCain calls for lower taxes. Taxes were higher in the 90s and that seemed to work...
September 4, 2008 by erathoniel
Ok, attention spammers, poetic spam is still spam. If you put WoWGold in every other sentence, it is even more spam. People will not buy MMORPG crap if they're smart, and if they're not, they don't use our wiki, and we don't give about your poetry.
September 3, 2008 by erathoniel
   Yo, Stardock! Did you do something to fix the UI to work in FF3? For the first time in a long time, the buttons are all in the correct places. Either way, you did something right!
September 2, 2008 by erathoniel
This world is a placeNo need to raceExplore at your own paceWonder and wanderMeditate and ponderNo need to squanderPeace is a virtueNobody will hurt youSee the wonderful zooTake it allNo need for a wallNo creatures to maulBe in a groupGo in a loopDrink some soup
August 30, 2008 by erathoniel
     I have a number of projects going for this Fall. Two are short stories, another, well, I'll just hint at it and say "daily". That's your clue. The short stories are both planned to be my Shadowrun fare, so don't expect too much. One of the Shadowrun stories is going to be called "Screams of the Undead" (yes, I'm stealing song titles, imitation=flattery). This is also a hint at the plot of this story, since you can guess it will have at least one of the mentioned items in...
August 28, 2008 by erathoniel
      Join me today, when I review BlackBox For Windows (BB4Win), the graphical management software. It's compatible with Stardock stuff (warning, the only problem you should have will be that if the Start menu icon is oversized, it'll look nasty), and can be set up really easy. In fact, it gives you an .exe file (quit by going under "Windows|Bro@ms -> Quit". It's not Windows like, but it's fun, and innovative. View the screenshots, for heck's sake. Better yet, try it...
August 28, 2008 by erathoniel
     Ok. We all know and love (or pity) Barack Obama. However, when he speaks about change, how does he back it up? His plan to fix our economy is to lower our dependence on foreign energy, which will be done by fixing our economy. Nevermind that people can build smart cars that run off his hot air, he doesn't provide any change. He can say he will, but really, to tell the truth, he'd just let others try their systems of change. Sure he'd do this and that, but, unlike McCain,...
August 16, 2008 by erathoniel
For a long time (many years, at least three [tells you a lot about my bookkeeping, doesn't it?]), I have been fighting an addiction to pornography. To tell you the truth, it had to end. It was my greatest shame in my life, and keeping it secret was killing me. I tried, over and over, to quit, but was deterred from help, and then, I honestly turned to God. Why? Because I am greater than the addiction. For years it had fed, often on a daily basis, aided by the internet and easy access to materials...
August 12, 2008 by erathoniel
  Joe Arpaio is not the kind of man who shirks controversy. He's "America's Toughest Sheriff", in his own words. Now, I don't have the exact place where they attack Joe Arpaio, but I find that denying abortions to prisoners should be common practice, not a rights violation. Here's the thing: You forfeit your rights when you commit a crime. You don't deserve to keep all of them, you gave them up. Not only is abortion amoral, but it is also an expense to the government. If you can pay for it,...
August 10, 2008 by erathoniel
  On the GHWiki, we've been getting a lot of spam recently. So, here's a little note to spammers: We don't care about Guild War Gold's meaningful nature. Quite frankly, a wiki is not a blogging site. If you wanna talk about the Olympiad Panda Bears, do it on a blog site, not on a sci-fi wiki. While the articles you write may not be too terrible, and may be worthy of being published in some very extreme cases, it's a site with a goal of detailing a video game, not your personal poetry or wri...
August 5, 2008 by erathoniel
I've heard the "It's against my religion" excuse so many times. It's not a good reason. I'm gonna put a Christian slant on it, but this is probably universally true. If the reason you don't like something is because "it's against my religion", you need to reevaluate your life. Sure there are things that your religion may prevent you from doing, but, to tell you the truth, you should find them objectionable, or wrong, rather than just "against my religion". You should follow the rules, but if you...